This semester SE4AI will be a focused think tank seminar featuring tight collaboration between the participants and us. After intensive study of state-of-the-art literature, we will discuss and analyse new research ideas continuing that work. These ideas will be presented in short vision papers written by the participants. After this seminar, those ideas can be followed up in research projects.

Schedule & Announcements

This schedule might change: Please check back regularly.

The appointments of the seminar are mandatory for all participants. Independent of the Covid situation, all meetings of this seminar will be held online via Zoom, Meeting ID: 84349083839.


Tues 26.10.2021 16:00: Kickoff Meeting (Slides)
Motivation, Seminar Structure & Grading, Schedule, Topic & Registration. Introductory reading material to various topics regarding SE4AI can be found on the SoSe2020 course page (not mandatory for the participation this semester). In the past, some students successfully published papers after this seminar at international workshops: 1, 2.
Thurs 28.10.2021: Deadline for seminar registration
Send us a mail including your personal motivation for the seminar participation and related experience.
Fri 29.10.2021: Registration confirmation
We inform you via mail, whether your registration was successful. Mails are sent. If you registered for the course and did not receive a registration confirmation mail, please contact Daniel Sokolowski asap.
Tues 02.11.2021 16:00: Short Summary Assignment Meeting (Tools, Template and 1. Assignment Sildes)
We talk about the tools of the seminar (git, latex, ACM template) and assign the summaries.
Tues 09.11.2021 16:00: Short Summary Submission Deadline
Submit your summary (1 page + references in ACM 2-column) to an own branch in the course repository.
Tues 09.11.2021 16:00: Short Summary Presentations (Slides)
Each participant gives a brief 5 minutes presentation on his/her summary. We then get you started with working on the collaborative summary (2 pages + references).
Sun 05.12.2021: Collaborative Summary Submission Deadline
By this Sunday evening the joint full summary of all participants should be completed and on the full-summary branch of the course repository.
Tues 07.12.2021 16:00: Collaborative Summary Discussion & Brainstorming Meeting
We discuss the collaborative summary and start brainstorming on continuing research ideas.
Tues 14.12.2021 16:00: Brainstorming & Vision Paper Assignment Meeting
We continue the brainstorming and discussion on continuing research ideas and assign the teams for the vision paper(s).
Tues 11.01.2022 16:00: Vision Paper Workshop
We discuss and work on your vision papers.
Tues 25.01.2022 16:00: Vision Paper Workshop
We discuss and work on your vision papers.
Sun 06.02.2022: Vision Paper Submission Deadline
Tues 08.02.2022 16:00: Final Meeting (Slides)

Attendance via Zoom

Being aware that video conferences can feel less natural than in-presence courses, we are confident that we still can provide well working interactive sessions. Please help us with your motivation and consider the following points. Let‘s try to make this a great experience for all of us :)

check Please check your setup before the meeting. We start all calls 10 minutes early, where you can do so. Moreover, you can use the Zoom audio settings dialog and

time Please connect before the meeting starts.

identity Please join using your full name. If you use a nickname or pseudonym, tell the advisors (needed for grading).

microphone and camera Please join with a microphone and a camera: It improves the overall experience in interactive parts.

microphone off Please mute your microphone when not speaking.

smile Interact: ask questions and involve yourself into the discussion.